Mario Chorak, DMD used to be a platinum provider for a large aligner company. He completed two Masters Course trainings, but continued to encounter problems with vertical and AP corrections. “I was getting frustrated,” says Chorak, who owns Sparewood Orthodontics in Renton, Wash., and Mercer Island Orthodontics in Seattle.

 A rep from Henry Schein Orthodontics (HSO) eventually came to the office and asked if Chorak had ever tried using the Carriere Motion 3D Appliance. From there, a relationship developed based on a patient-first philosophy and consistently better results. Orthodontic Products sat down with Chorak to learn more about how he found not only more effective products, but a true aligner partner.

Orthodontic Products (OP) How did HSO approach you?

Chorak: We did a little lunch and learn, and the rep showed me the Carriere Motion Appliance. I decided to try it out, and that’s how the relationship started.

OP: How did it go?

Chorak: I loved the results, but I was still frustrated with aligner treatment and the brand I was using for that. I felt like we were doing multiple refinements, and patients were getting burned out because they were not getting the treatment duration that we promised. That’s when the HSO rep mentioned that they had an aligner called Reveal.  

 I agreed to try some cases, and I started down that road by doing some simple cases. I liked how the teeth were moving. I liked how clear the product was, and I was really drawn to the fact that we didn’t have to put 20 attachments per arch with this product. It was an attachment here or there, and sometimes no attachments when using the Reveal Aligner.

OP: Is that when you decided to make the switch?

Chorak: Well, it got me wondering about what was different with this aligner process. I dove down and started asking more questions. In the meantime, we were seeing results and started doing more complex cases with it—of course incorporating the Motion appliance when needed. I ultimately became one of the top users of Reveal, and we love it.

OP: Are you ever tempted to sample other brands or updates to your old brand?

Chorak: I would never go back due to the benefits I’ve been mentioning such as minimal attachments and clarity of the aligner like no other. The minimal need for attachments has been a huge aesthetic positive. It saved a lot of time for our assistants as well.

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OP: You’ve been practicing for about 20 years, but how long using Reveal?

Chorak: About three years fully on board. It’s come a long way. I will give HSO a lot of credit. They have put a lot of resources in making sure they have an aligner system that can deliver what consumers want.

OP: When you decide to partner with an aligner company or any other type of manufacturer, what are you looking for?

Chorak: For me to fully accept something, I have to validate it in our office. I’ve told my HSO rep that I won’t talk about a case unless we have validated it in our office. Coming up on three years now, we have treated just about every malocclusion with the Reveal product, and we have been able to validate every malocclusion with this product.

OP: What types of cases are you treating?

Chorak: We can treat Class II, Class III, open bites, deep bites, severely crowded cases, severely spaced cases… really any malocclusion with the combination of Motion appliance with a Reveal Aligner product. For me, that’s exciting. When a patient comes into your office wanting aligners and not braces, I feel comfortable saying, ‘We can definitely do aligners with you. And in combination with the aligner treatment, we also have the ability to get your bite corrected as well. You explain the combination of the two. You can fix the alignment of their teeth and also give them a nice functional component of their bite correction at the same time. That’s the most exciting thing in the last three years.

OP: What would you say to colleagues who are on the fence about Reveal?

Chorak: I get where they’re coming from. It’s hard to compete from a marketing standpoint. For me, I would say if you are having frustrations with your cases, and I know I wouldn’t be the only doctor having these, why not try it? See how your patients like it. For me, it has transformed the workflow in our office. We are able to get cases done quicker and with better aesthetics for patients. We’re able to put fewer attachments on.

 I’ve always said that if there is something better, I’m going to at least try it and see what type of result we get. If it’s going to make you more money, give patients a better experience, and be easier on your team to deliver, it’s a win-win situation. From a fee standpoint too, it may be more cost effective to go this route.

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