Darby Group announced a strategic investment in American Nitrile that will allow it to distribute US-made DenTouch Gloves.

Darby Group Companies, the parent company of Darby Dental Supply, has announced a strategic investment in American Nitrile, the largest US manufacturer of nitrile gloves, based in Grove City, Ohio.

Darby will be the first dental supplier to distribute the DenTouch Gloves — a new glove designed to meet the unique needs of the dental market with patented compression tip technology that improves dexterity and simplifies handling of small, intricate instruments used by dentists and dental hygienists.

DenTouch gloves boast several key advantages over their foreign-produced counterparts. The gloves offer superior protection by meeting a pinhole AQL of 1.5, exceeding the FDA requirement by 60%. With all manufacturing and R&D taking place in American Nitrile’s state-of-the-art facility in Ohio, the company can ensure ethical labor practices and sustainable manufacturing processes during every step of production.

Furthermore, American Nitrile eliminates unpredictable trans-pacific shipping, port delays, and the need to carry high safety stock. The company also emphasizes sustainability at all levels, recycling up to 40 gallons of water per case of gloves and using 100% recycled and recyclable cardboard packaging.

“Darby Group Companies’ commitment to bringing best-in-class solutions to the dental market has been central to our investment strategy,” said Frank Massino, president. “At the core of our business, we believe in making our customers’ lives easier and more efficient through innovative solutions to everyday problems. DenTouch gloves are a game-changer for the dental market because of their improved dexterity and unmatched ability to handle small instruments for more efficient and comfortable procedures.”

Bringing the DenTouch glove to market is a natural undertaking for Darby Dental, who maintains an entire division dedicated to gloves. “Love Your Glove” by Darby provides customers with a vast selection of nitrile, polychloroprene, latex gloves and more, as well as expertise on fit and functionality though the company’s highly trained glove experts.

“Darby’s commitment to innovation, sustainability, and bringing the highest quality products to market is a natural extension of our own commitment and mission,” said Jacob Block, chief executive officer and founder of American Nitrile. “We are thrilled to leverage their decades of experience, expansive distribution network, and unwavering dedication to their customers to bring DenTouch gloves to market.”

Photo via Darby Dental Supply