Zhermack Inc introduces Tropicalgin, a mango-flavored, rapid-setting, dust-free, chromatic alginate impression material that automatically changes color to signal each phase of clinical application. Tropicalgin remains purple during the 45-second mixing time; changes to orange during the 1-minute, 35-second processing time in the tray; and turns yellow to signify that it is ready for insertion in the mouth. It is ready for removal in 60 seconds. Tropicalgin is formulated to resist natural contraction due to water evaporation, allowing the impression to be stored for hours in a long-life bag. Tropicalgin’s thixotropic properties ensure a drip-free mixture that flows only when pressure is exerted during the taking of an impression, while a mixture of irreversible hydrocolloids gives the alginate structure a balance between resistance and elasticity. Tropicalgin is compatible with all plaster types, including synthetics. The company offers a 5-year guarantee on its Long Life Alginate System line.

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