According to a recent dental marketing survey conducted by TheWealthyDentist.com, dentists agreed that all toothpastes are not created equal.

The survey showed that 2/3 of dentists agreed that some toothpastes are more effective than others. The remaining 35% felt that any toothpaste you buy will clean your teeth well. Many dentists felt that fluoride toothpastes are best.

According to a New Hampshire-based dentist, it is generally true that any toothpaste you buy will clean your teeth well, since they almost all contain fluoride.

"Toothpastes without toxic fluoride compounds are better. Note the warnings on the tube," cautioned an Arkansas dentist.

Some dentists questioned the importance of modern toothpaste, recalling how the ancient Egyptians used salt to clean their teeth. "Evidence indicates that no paste is necessary to clean teeth," said a prosthodontist in Maine.

According to many dentists, the toothbrush is what really matters. "The brush does 95% of the work," said a Virginia dentist.

For additional information on this survey, visit www.thewealthydentist.com/survey.

[PR.com, May 22, 2007]