Pennsylvania Dental Corp introduces the Comfort Dental Tray, which was developed to reduce the stress and discomfort that sensitive patients go through while the orthodontist is obtaining an impression of the maxillary arch. Either because of a sensitive gag reflex or due to fear or anxiety, some patients have a very difficult time during this procedure. The design of the Comfort Dental Tray reduces the amount of impression material flowing toward the back of the mouth, reducing gagging or blockage of the airway.

The anterior vent reduces the amount of material that flows posteriorly, while reduced medial walls allow excess material to flow laterally. A transpalatal strap captures and supports excess impression material and adds cross-arch stability to prevent flexing of the tray. As a result, the vast majority of impression material stays within the confines of the tray.

The Comfort Dental Tray is available from Pennsylvania Dental Corp, PO Box 1537, Newtown, PA 18940; (888) 364.1480; (215) 364-3911.