New Products

ProMax 3D Mid Imaging Unit

Planmeca USA, Roselle, Ill, has introduced the newest version of its ProMax® 3D Mid imaging unit. According to the company, the new ProMax is a true 2D and 3D volumetric imaging unit that includes 3D, panoramic, extraoral bitewing, and cephalometric imaging. The ProMax can take an image of a single tooth or the complete maxillofacial region as well as the ear, sinus cavity, and a portion of the respiratory tract used for sleep apnea diagnosis. The volume sizes range from 2.4 cm x 4.2 cm to 16 cm x 16 cm to capture the entire face. Features include adjustable KV and MA, a pediatric mode that automatically reduces volume according to a child’s anatomy, and the ability to work natively in a Mac OS system. In addition, it comes with a complete software package for both 2D and 3D diagnosis, and can be integrated with third-party software. The SmartPan imaging system uses the same 3D sensor for panoramic imaging, eliminating the need to change sensors while the ProMax calculates up to nine different panoramic curves in 2-mm shifts from the exposure data.

Planmeca USA
(630) 529-2300

VIA Wires Pearl

Opal Orthodontics, South Jordan, Utah, has introduced VIA Wires Pearl, an epoxy-coated archwire. According to the company, the double epoxy coating on VIA Wires Pearl chips less than other materials and lasts for multiple appointments. The wires come in three shapes—square, ovoid, and tapered—to match the patient’s natural archforms.

Opal Orthodontics
(888) 863-5883

Scan Man CAD/CAM Spray

Vision USA, Cherry Hill, NJ, has introduced Scan Man CAD/CAM Spray. The spray covers reflective surfaces including die stone/models, metal implant abutments, impression material, wax-ups, and vacuum-forming material. It allows a scanner to read the surface accurately. Available in a 4-ounce bottle, Scan Man is water-soluble and requires no dry time.

Vision USA
(800) 257-5782

MagnaVu PSII Dental Procedure Scope

Darby Dental Supply, Jericho, NY, now offers the MagnaVu PSII Dental Procedure Scope. The company has been authorized by Magnified Video Dentistry Inc, Olympia, Wash, to add the MagnaVu to its line of products for distribution, expanding Darby’s product line. The MagnaVu features an intraoral camera and a video screen. According to Darby, the scope was designed to allow practitioners to perform most dental procedures from a more correct, heads-up relaxed position, similar to that of medical surgeons.

Darby Dental Supply
(800) 645-2310

GO-Text Automated Patient Reminder System

Oasys, Cumming, Ga, has introduced GO-Text, a new texting application to enhance its orthodontic and pediatric dental software programs. According to the company, GO-Text enables office staff to select automated delivery options for patient reminders. The text messages deliver pertinent appointment information to patients and capture text responses in a central e-mail where office staff can view and respond to the messages. The automated texting feature is integrated into Oasys’ practice-management system and sends appointment reminders based on staff-initiated settings, which can be narrowed down by appointment type or individual appointments. GO-Text can also be used to reinforce treatment objectives with patients and their responsible parties.

(800) 528-2978


Solutions by Design, Clovis, Calif, has introduced iScreenPlay, a Web-based case-presentation app for the iPad. The app utilizes the company’s 3D ScreenPlay animations and patient educational videos. iScreenPlay can be used during the orthodontic examination to demonstrate various malocclusions and to show patients how various appliances function. The app can also be used to play the company’s clinical patient education videos chairside in the clinic. The videos cover topics including compliance, procedures, and appliance care. The iScreenPlay app is compatible with Apple’s AirPlay®, which allows users to wirelessly broadcast their signal to almost any large-format HDMI display, including the ScreenPlay Montage display. Content is managed by Solution by Design’s Application Network and Data Interface (ANDI).

Solutions by Design
(800) 888-4084

Tess Oral Health Toothbrush Line

Tess Oral Health, Eau Claire, Wis, offers its line of toothbrushes. Available in multiple colors and styles, the line features several bristle options. There are toothbrushes for infants, preschoolers, youth, and adults, as well as periodontal, postsurgical, and orthodontic patients. Tess Oral Health will customize the toothbrushes with an orthodontic practice’s information and logo. Orders ship within 48 hours or less, according to the company.

Tess Oral Health
(800) 762-1765

Practicare Patient Communication Cards

Practicon, Greenville, NC, has introduced several new designs to its line of Practicare™ Patient Communication Cards. The cards can be used as recall reminders, welcome greetings, or personal notes, or to remind patients of missed appointments and promotions. The cards are printed on 7-point-finish paper stock and are compatible with laser and ink-jet printers. They are USPS-approved. Each 8 1/2- x 11-inch perforated sheet includes four cards. Each pack includes 50 sheets, for a total of 200 postcards.

(800) 959-9505