Kettenbach, Eschenburg, Germany, will now sell its dental products direct to the US dental market. Kettenbach LP, currently headquartered in Huntington Beach, Calif, is the U.S. division of Kettenbach GmbH & Co, a supplier of an extensive range of dental products and a specialist in the impression material sector.
To mark its entry into the US dental market, Kettenbach LP has introduced its full line of Futar® bite registration materials: Futar, Futar D, Futar D Fast, Futar Slow and Futar Scan. Futar D is the No. 1-selling bite registration material in Germany, according to GFK records, and Futar D was rated 4-stars for 2005 by REALITY.
The next product slated for direct sales in the United States is Silginat®, a medium-bodied viscosity, polyvinyl siloxane impression material designed for a variety of indications such as anatomical models, fabrication of temporary crown and bridges, orthodontic appliances, and case study models. Silginat will be introduced next month during the 2008 ADA Annual Session in San Antonio.

For more information, contact Kettenbach at (877) KEBA-123.