TP Orthodontics, La Porte, Ind, has introduced Solay® Disposable Impression Trays. According to the company, the trays were developed to provide extra patient comfort while delivering a precise orthodontic impression. They feature deep walls for a full impression without the use of protective wax strips. Rounded flanges are designed for maximum retention and added patient comfort.

Intended for single-patient use to help prevent cross-contamination, Solay Trays eliminate the need for staff members to sterilize, clean, or protect against damaged trays. Solay trays can be stored with patient records for progress models and retainer impressions.  ? ?

Solay Trays feature an etched inner surface that is treated to retain impression material without perforations. Two holes in the base permit monitoring of cure time, reducing the possibility of excessive material flow-through and patient discomfort. Solay Trays are available in four sizes, each anatomically contoured for a precise fit. ? ?

To take advantage of a special Solay Tray promotion, call TP Orthodontics at ?(800) 348-8856.

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