CPAC-RapidHeat-Pro11-SterilizerCPAC Equipment, Leicester, NY, announced that it will rollout its new RapidHeat Pro11 High-Capacity Tabletop Sterilizer in February.

According the company, the RapidHeat Pro11 has seven times more capacity than its COX RapidHeat sterilizer, and has the industry’s fastest “complete” cycle turnaround. Unlike steam sterilization there is no FDA required drying cycle that can be short-cut to speed up the process, the company adds.

The Pro11’s complete full cycle from start to finish, including warm-up, is 12 minutes unwrapped or 18 minutes wrapped. The time/temperature profile established for each cycle has reportedly been documented to exceed a 12 Log10 bacterial spore kill. This documentation is based on a sterilizer capacity of four treatment trays, each containing a load of over 1.75 pounds, representing a total sterilizer capacity of approximately 140 medical or dental instruments.

The company reports that independent tests have confirmed that there is less maintenance expense with each RapidHeat Pro11 cycle since it uses neither water nor steam, and that it  consumes 85% less energy than comparable steam sterilizers. Tests also confirmed that the RapidHeat waterless sterilization environment does not contribute to the instrument corrosion and shortened instrument life that is characteristic of steam sterilization.