COXRapidHeatDentsply Sirona, York, Pa, has validated the COX RapidHeat Sterilizer, from CPAC Equipment Inc, Leicester, NY, as the preferred technology to sterilize the mirror sleeves of Dentsply Sirona’s CEREC Omnicam digital impression system.

According to a press release from CPAC Equipment, Dentsply Sirona has determined that CEREC Omnicam mirror sleeves are not sterilizable using steam and can only be sterilized using dry heat. In fact, Dentsply Sirona’s CEREC Camera—Care, Cleaning, Disinfection and Sterilization Manual, 07-2016 edition states, “The mirror sleeves are not autoclave sterilizable.”

CPAC Equipment points out that ADA and CDA guidelines state that sterilization is required over high-level disinfection when a critical or semi-critical instrument is labeled as heat tolerant.

The COX RapidHeat Sterilizer features FDA-cleared 6- and 12-minute cycles with 12-log kill. In addition, the sterilizer offers environmental safety and minimal maintenance, as well as independent energy-efficient certification.

The COX RapidHeat Sterilizer does not require water, steam, or toxic chemicals. According to the manufacturer, the absence of water, steam, and chemicals means there is no corrosion, pitting, or dulling of dental instrumentation using the COX RapidHeat Sterilizer.