A recent article from Dentistry.co.uk sheds light on the extra steps dental professionals are taking extra to get their patients through the door during a slow economic climate.

These British dentists and orthodontists are offering deals as big as free teeth whitening for life and gifts such as iPods when a patient commits to starting a treatment plan, according to the article.

Some patients even have an opportunity to join VIP private membership clubs that entitle them to discounts on the dental and beauty treatments available at the practice as well exclusive discounts to high-profile shops and apartment stores.

One dentist in Manchester provides a free taxi service to patients.

“It may sound crazy, but laying on the Tooth Taxi actually makes us money,” dentist Kailesh Solanki told Dentistry.co.uk. “Missed appointments push our charges up so, even though it costs us to provide transport, we save money in the long run. We can pass those savings on to our patients so everyone ends up happy.”

According to the article, Kissdental noticed a significant improvement in attendance during trials of the taxi service at the two existing clinics in Manchester, with missed appointments down by 30%.

The Bow Lane Dental Group in a London, which offers cosmetic dentistry, orthodontic care and general dental care, offers patients a ‘Smile for Life’ package to which they sign up for life membership. The ‘Smile for Life’ package includes one visit a year with a dentist, two visits a year with a hygienist, all necessary x-rays, preventive and dietary advice, UK and worldwide dental injury and emergency insurance, and a 10% reduction off all dental treatments for a monthly payment.