Evolve® Dental Technologies Inc, Rancho Santa Margarita, Calif, introduces a new teeth whitening technique, the KÖR Whitening Deep Bleaching™ system. Developed by Rod Kurthy, DDS, the system is designed to provide predictable and intense whitening results, even on tetracycline-stained cases. Kurthy solved the bleaching sensitivity issue by utilizing a system that protects the tooth’s pulp from the bleaching product. Evolve refrigerates their entire line of bleaching gels from the instant of manufacture until the product is received by the dental practice to provide superior and consistent efficacy.
Kurthy’s system rejuvenates the tooth’s ability to whiten predictably and fully every time, beginning with the bleaching tray impression technique. The impression technique is designed to make custom bleaching trays extend the effectiveness of bleaching from approximately 25-35 minutes to 6 or more continuous hours. The KÖR impression technique also captures the gingival margin and the sulcus in the impression.
The KÖR system also includes a desensitizer that provides whitening enhancement to speed the bleaching process. First applied in the dental office, desensitizer is then provided to patients, allowing them to liberally apply it to both arches at home during the bleaching process.
The KÖR whitening process takes place in four steps:
· An impression of the teeth and gum line is made using Kurthy’s impression system.
 · The patient then returns for an in-office bleaching. During this time, the dental staff applies two separate desensitizers. (One desensitizer also acts as a whitening conditioner.)
· The patient then wears the trays at home during sleep for 2 weeks. The patient is provided a desensitizer as well as carbamide peroxide bleaching gel.
· The process is completed with a final visit to the dental professional, where a high-concentration hydrogen peroxide gel is placed on the teeth for approximately 1 hour.
Evolve offers two strength levels of in-office bleaching gels: KÖR whitening standard deep bleaching and KÖR whitening deep bleaching MAX.