AirTechniques_ProxiMojaveScanXAir Techniques Inc, Melville, NY, is debuting a number of new products, including a new interproximal camera head for their CamX Triton HD camera, along with Mojave LT3 dry vacuum system and ScanX Intraoral View, their latest digital radiography system. All three products will be on display at the Air Techniques booth at the upcoming Yankee Dental Congress at the end of January.

The new Proxi head for the CamX Triton HD is the third interchangeable head that will be offered for this camera system. CamX Triton HD currently has an intraoral Cam head and Spectra caries detection head. The new Proxi head enables practitioners to detect interproximal caries. All three CamX Triton HD heads easily change amongst one another, according to the company.

The Mojave LT3 is Air Techniques’ latest addition to its line of dental vacuum systems. Designed to replace conventional liquid ring pumps and to be 100% water free, the compact LT ditches the collection tank for a motor-driven air/water separator.

With a large touchscreen, easy-to-use interface, and multiple slots for simultaneous scanning, the ScanX Intraoral View digital radiography system is designed to provide an intuitive, efficient, and time-saving digitization of PSPs for all intraoral formats, sizes 0 to 4. The ScanX Intraoral View features WiFi.