The Patterson Foundation awarded $281,255 in grant funding to 10 nonprofit organizations at its December 2017 board meeting.

One of the largest grant recipients for the quarter was Dental Lifeline Network, Denver, Colo, which was awarded $100,000 to support its National Donated Dental Services program. The program provides oral healthcare to the elderly and individuals with disabilities or chronic illnesses who are unable to access care.

“We are humbled by the amazing, long-time support of The Patterson Foundation,” said Fred Leviton, CEO, Dental Lifeline Network. “This generous support will not only strengthen our programs in the states [where] we currently operate our Donated Dental Services program but it will also support additional states allowing us to provide comprehensive dental service nationwide to those who need it most.”

DLN has generated $363 million in comprehensive dental treatment for 118,000 people with disabilities, or who are elderly or medically fragile, since the first program was launched in 1985. Nationally, nearly 15,000 dentists and 3,400 laboratories volunteer.