A partnership between Candid and Sevāredent will expand Candid’s footprint and offer Sevāredent members the company’s clear aligner product.

Candid is expanding its clinical partnerships through an alliance with Sevāredent Sourcing Solutions, a dental group purchasing organization (GPO).

Sevāredent serves over 1,600 dental and orthodontic practices nationwide, focusing on bringing competitive pricing and supply chain solutions to DSOs and DPOs.

The partnership will expand Candid’s footprint and offer Sevāredent members a clear aligner product.

This partnership comes just after Candid’s recent announcement that the company will focus exclusively on bringing its CandidPro service to dental and orthodontic practices and away from its direct-to-consumer business.

“Partnering with Sevāredent is a huge win for both of our organizations,” said Nick Greenfield, Candid’s chief executive officer and co-founder. “We’re glad to see major players like Sevāredent recognize the value we can bring to their members, and we look forward to doing great things together.”

Candid’s partnership with a major dental GPO like Sevāredent will help bring the company’s clear aligner products to even more organizations nationwide, expanding their network of clinical partners. For Sevāredent, Candid offers its members a clear aligner solution that minimizes clinical time while keeping patients engaged in treatment.

. “As part of our ongoing effort to help bring new innovative technologies and supply chain value to our GPO members, we believe Candid will help increase patient access to top-tier orthodontic treatment while equipping our clinical partners with the latest in clear aligner technology,” said Blake Hibray, Sevāredent president.

Photo via Candid