SureSmile VPro is an orthodontic acceleration device that uses high-frequency vibration to reduce discomfort in aligner treatment.

Dentsply Sirona introduced SureSmile VPro, SureSmile Retainers, and SureSmile Whitening Kit as part of its clear aligner treatment offerings in the U.S.

SureSmile VPro helps accelerate orthodontic tooth movement and may help reduce patient discomfort during treatment, while SureSmile Retainers and Whitening Kit maintain patients’ brighter, whiter smiles once treatment is complete.

The SureSmile Retainers are durable to withstand oral forces, including teeth grinding, without compromising effectiveness.

The latest additions are part of the brand’s ongoing commitment to provide doctors with clear aligner solutions for a comprehensive treatment approach.

SureSmile combines an understanding of patients’ needs with advanced materials and technology to provide more predictable treatment plans with a comfortable and streamlined experience.

SureSmile VPro is an orthodontic acceleration device that uses high-frequency vibration (HFV).

When used with orthodontic treatment for 5 minutes a day, the device delivers gentle vibrations that may reduce discomfort, improve aligner tracking, and accelerate tooth movement.

Dentsply Sirona says it may speed up treatment time by 50%. The device will now be included in the SureSmile Complete Case offering, the comprehensive aligner package, and is also available to order as a standalone product.

The new SureSmile Retainer is used to maintain the alignment of teeth at the end of aligner treatment. When retainers are worn as prescribed, they are an effective tool to prevent teeth relapse.

The SureSmile Whitening Kit will also be included with all SureSmile Aligner treatments at the end of treatment to provide patients with a brighter, whiter smile.

Photo courtesy of Dentsply Sirona