The state of being “on cloud nine” is described as blissful, euphoric, elated—like floating on air. Cloud-based technology is designed to make life easier by removing the burden of costly, high-maintenance servers. Out of these ideas, the company Cloud 9 and its cloud-based practice management software was born to bring ease and efficiency to the orthodontic industry.

History of Cloud 9

In 2009, banking and other industries were adopting a form of cloud technology. Ann and Ken Swinney had spent many years in the orthodontic space and saw the advantages of the cloud but didn’t see any products for orthodontists that were truly cloud-based. Meanwhile, orthodontics practices were becoming larger and more complex with additional locations. It was then the Swinneys decided to write the first practice management system that was 100% browser-based.

“It was their vision in understanding the importance of the internet in the continued evolution of orthodontics that led to the creation of Cloud 9,” said Mike Ressel, the chief executive officer of Cloud 9 Software.

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