The update, which comes as the company is expanding its strategic launch, includes simplification of the aligner and in-office aligner printer workflows. 

uLab Systems has released version 5.5 of its uDesign aligner planning software. According to Charlie Wen, president and chief technology officer of uLab, “The uLab uDesign 5.5 release offers a whole new level of control and simplicity for our users. We are committed to continuous innovation to provide our doctors with the best tools possible.”

The uLab 5.5 release contains a number of features, including aligner workflow and in-office aligner printer simplification.

In terms of aligner workflow, EasyRx has been integrated, creating a more seamless front-end workflow with digital patient information transfer. In addition, direct printer integration allows users to easily transfer files to EnvisionTec One, SprintRay Pro, and SprintRay MoonRay 3D printers.

As for in-office aligner printing, the software update includes support for both horizontal and vertical printing, giving doctors the freedom to choose; while custom uTray templates automatically configure arches in an efficient print arrangement. If doctors have a specific arrangement that they prefer they can now save it for future use. 

According to a press release from the company, uLab is currently expanding their strategic launch by offering a finite number of individual onboarding sessions to orthodontists before American Association of Orthodontists’ Annual Meeting in Atlanta in May.