Three former Invisalign executives launched a new direct-to-consumer clear aligner brand—OrthoFX—that includes face-to-face doctor care and “clear-cut” pricing with no hidden fees.

OrthoFX starts with patients submitting “smile selfies” through the OrthoFX website or by text. According to a press release from the company, within a few hours, patients will receive an advanced 3D simulation of their future site and a suggested treatment plan.

Patients then reportedly receive face-to-face care from an exclusive network of handpicked doctors. At this appointment, the patient and doctor review the treatment plan and make any adjustments. The company states that all doctor visits are planned and scheduled upfront for the entire treatment. The patient’s first set of aligners are shipped directly to their door within 48 hours of the initial 3D scan.

OrthoFX aligners are made with FXTetra, the company’s proprietary polymer blend, which they say will “deliver results 50% faster than most other treatments.” FXTetra is reportedly resistant to many teeth-staining foods like coffee and tea.

At the end of treatment, OrthoFX provides patients with needed retainers and offers retreatments for any patients whose teeth shift or who desire a different result up to 3 years from the beginning of their treatment.

OrthoFX reportedly provides pricing upfront with no hidden fees. The cost is inclusive of all aligners and services needed, including the face-to-face doctor care, 3D scan, aligners, and retainers. Damaged or lost aligners and retainers can be replaced within 24 hours at no additional cost.

According to the company, the cost is a flat rate of $3,950 with payment plans available. The company is also offering a “Try It” kit for $95—a $249 value.

OrthoFX was founded by Ren Menon, former head of global product management and innovation at Invisalign; Nichole Garcia, former general manager at Align Technology and Philips Oral Care; and Henry Chan, former director of research and development at Invisalign.

Garcia, co-founder of OrthoFX, said, “We founded OrthoFX to provide an accessible, affordable, high quality, doctor-delivered treatment to everyone who needs teeth straightening. We are building a company that offers modern oral health care to the masses beginning with clear aligners.”