Highland Metals Inc, San Jose, Calif, introduces its Lingual Arches, available in four different wire alloys. Available in stainless steel, superelastic NiTi, heat-activated NiTi and BetaBlue™, the lingual arches are suited for patients who want to improve their smile without the obvious appearance of braces. According to the company, the lingual arches combine the aesthetics and comfort of removable aligners with the control of a fixed appliance for faster, more efficient tooth movement. Treatment results do not rely on patient compliance. Unlike traditional metal braces, lingual arches are custom-fit to the patient, ensuring maximum patient comfort. The stainless steel lingual arches are offered in universal arch form, giving orthodontists the freedom to create their own offsets. Upper and lower NiTi arches are available with offsets.

Highland Metals offers a free sample through their Web site.