When an orthodontist prescribes interproximal enamel recontouring for Invisalign® treatment, the aligner sequence will automatically be staged so that the teeth are first aligned for better interproximal access before any IPR needs to be performed. This approach makes the IPR easier to perform, even though the total number of aligners may increase.

A simple technique to protect the interproximal papilla during interproximal recontouring is to gently insert an interproximal wedge prior to reshaping the contact. The slight separation of the teeth helps reduce the chance of rotary instrument binding if you are using a slow-speed diamond disc. You can secure a cotton roll under the tab at the base of the wedge to help keep the lip away from the teeth. To determine the amount of enamel removed, remove the wedge and allow the teeth to rebound before measuring the gap. If you select a wedge that is not too wide, anesthesia is not needed prior to wedge placement.