The EZ 3D Aligner Trimmer 2 from Motion View can trim and polish up to 12 aligners in a single batch.

Motion View has launched the next generation of their robotic EZ 3D Aligner Trimmer that can trim and polish 6 to 12 aligners in one batch, according to the company.

The robotic trimming machine is designed for trimming aligners, fabrication of bite splints, and other thermoformed orthodontic and dental appliances.

EZ 3D Aligner Trimmer 2 is designed to be very affordable for small offices while still offering productivity not found in most of the more expensive machines.

It both cuts the aligner border and creates a gloss like finish on the edges of the aligner in one pass. The in-office process used for aligner and retainer trimming lets staff with limited orthodontic knowledge fabricate well-designed appliances.

The device is also designed to be economical to maintain because there are no aligner fees, required updates, or unexpected requirements. In addition, the process used for the trimming is rated at 20,000 hours of service life that can potentially last for years, according to Motion View LLC.

It is compatible with various aligner design software to ensure adaptability and diversity for practices.

With low maintenance requirements, Motion View says that production can expand staff productivity while requiring less staff intervention and improve practice efficiency.

Photo courtesy of Motion View