3DSystems_OnDemandAnatomicalModels3D Systems, Rock Hill, SC, is now offering a new on demand anatomical modeling service. The service provides a wide range of medical and dental professionals with access to anatomical models 3D printed from their 3D digital files, providing customers with enhanced 3D visualization for treatment planning as well as patient education.

To obtain a model, medical or dental professionals upload a 3D model file (ie, STL, OBJ, or PLY) to the company’s On Demand Anatomical Models website. Customers can prepare model files with 3D Systems’ D2P™ software or any commercially available software.

From there, customers select from a variety of materials from which to print depending on the use and desired areas to highlight in the model, and then request an instant quote. After reviewing the quote, the customer can place the order in one click.

The finished model will arrive in approximately 5 business days.