OrthoAccel Technologies Inc, Houston, developers of the AcceleDent™ System, announced a new CFO, Andrew Layman, this week. Layman will oversee all administrative and financial functions at OrthoAccel.

AcceleDent is a removable and noninvasive appliance that a patient wears with braces or aligners in the mouth for 20 minutes daily to accelerate orthodontic tooth movement. The product got FDA clearance last month. 

Layman joins OrthoAccel as it prepares for its US market launch, amid growing sales outside of the US. He is a CPA, and previously spent 8 years at a "Big Four" public accounting firm. His operating experience is broad, ranging from start-up to financial responsibility for a $3 billion division at Flextronics International, an electronics manufacturing services provider to the world’s top technology brands.

Layman said, "I am very pleased to join the management team at OrthoAccel during this exciting, rapid growth time."

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