uLab Systems, creator of an orthodontic treatment planning software, announced its partnership with Bay Materials, makers of Zendura clear aligner and retainer materials. The deal aims to provide orthodontists with a “seamless in-office aligner solution.”

Starting October 1, the partnership will provide preferred pricing of Zendura A and Zendura FLX materials to all uLab Systems users.

Zendura FLX is Bay Materials’ latest aligner material, reportedly providing improved tooth-moving properties while reducing the level of patient discomfort during use.

“We are excited to partner with uLab Systems. In-office treatment planning and printing is a key part of the future of orthodontics and ZenduraDental is proud to offer the benchmark for thermoplastic materials in clear aligner treatment,” Tom Ross, the chief operating officer of Bay Materials, said. “uLab Systems provides a platform many orthodontists see as the best same-day aligner treatment system and ZenduraDental helps with the execution of that plan – it’s the perfect partnership.”

Joe Breeland, chief commercial officer for uLab Systems, stated, “Our partnership with Bay Materials further demonstrates our commitment to providing orthodontists with a seamless in-office aligner solution. With uLab, orthodontists can create a movement plan in as little as 10 minutes. uLab also enables same day aligner treatment and is making combo and hybrid treatments a viable option for the first time. Now with Zendura, we are offering our customers one of the leading aligner materials at a preferred price.”

uLab is currently expanding their limited launch by offering a finite number of individual onboarding sessions to orthodontists in 2019. Contact uLab Systems via their website, ulabsystems.com, for more information.