Summary: A whitepaper highlights OrVance Aligner Pontics as the preferred choice among orthodontic practices due to their efficiency and patient satisfaction. The pontics enable patient-managed applications and offer aesthetic benefits, outperforming traditional methods in both practice economics and patient approval.

Key Takeaways:

  • Efficiency Enhancement: The pontics transfer the application process to patients, reducing workload for office staff and increasing practice efficiency.
  • Improved Patient Satisfaction: The material’s color and translucence of OrVance’s pontics significantly enhance patient satisfaction by offering a more natural appearance compared to other aligner pontics.

A new whitepaper found that OrVance Aligner Pontics are the preferred aligner pontic solution by orthodontic practices as a result of some key features.

OrVance Efficiency

The four-page whitepaper first explains why the past aligner pontic methods have not been accepted as adequate in that they create extra work for the office staff and often yield unsatisfied patients.

The paper reviewed the features of OrVance’s offering relative to other methods. It found that OrVance’s product was made more efficient and economical for the practice by putting the pontic application process in the hands of patients.

Patient Satisfaction

The paper also addressed how the OrVance pontic material’s color and translucence maximized patient satisfaction, compared to other methods.

The paper was co-authored by Michael E. Silver, PhD, co-founder and inventor of OrVance Aligner Pontics and Ronald J. Schutt, also a co-founder of the company.