Summary: LM-Dental has launched My LM-Activator, a silicone aligner designed to support the natural growth of the face and jaw in young patients. The appliance is suitable for various orthodontic issues, including excess overjet and overbite, deep bite, anterior open bite, anterior crowding, distal bite, and anterior crossbite.

Key Takeaways:

  1. My LM-Activator is designed for early orthodontic treatment to correct malocclusions and support healthy jaw growth.
  2. The new design includes improvements for patient comfort, fit, and optimal occlusal conditions.
  3. The appliance is part of LM-Dental’s portfolio of LM-Activator appliances.

LM-Dental announced the launch of My LM-Activator. The company describes My LM-Activator as a new and improved appliance in LM-Dental’s portfolio of clinically proven LM-Activator appliances. 

Features and Benefits of My LM-Activator

My LM-Activator is a prefabricated silicone aligner and activator and is designed to gently support healthy and natural growth of the face and jaw. According to the company, the appliance is suitable for the treatment of excess overjet, excess overbite, deep bite, anterior open bite, anterior crowding, distal bite, and anterior crossbite.

“Early orthodontic treatment aims to detect malocclusions at an early stage and stop their development. The silicone eruption guidance appliance has been specifically developed for the needs of early orthodontic treatment. It guides a child’s erupting teeth and jaw growth as well as widens dental arches. Eruption guidance appliance is mainly used at night,” says Juha Varrela, professor emeritus of dental development and orthodontics from the University of Turku’s Institute of Dentistry.

The new My LM-Activator appliance reportedly includes a streamlined and light-weight design to improve fit and comfort for the patient, as well as updated packaging. In addition, the company says it now has a “harmonized design over the size range” to make it easier to find a good fit for the patient. It features has a high-gloss finish. Another new design feature is an improved thickness profile of the occlusal plane which enables vertical control, which can aid in the development of optimal occlusal conditions in mixed dentition, according to the company. . 

Finish Company Growing Internationally

According to a press release from the company, which is based in Finland, the LM-Activator has been used in orthodontic treatment for 20 years in the country. It has been used for guiding the occlusion and correcting malocclusions of hundreds of thousands of Finnish children, while the scope of international users is growing, says the company. 

“My LM-Activator represents a significant leap in our company’s dedication to providing high quality orthodontic solutions for the growing patients,” says Matti Savolainen, business and product manager at LM-Dental.

The appliance officially launched this month at both the European Orthodontic Society (EOS) Congress in Athens, Greece, and at the 17th Congress of the European Academy of Pediatric Dentistry – EAPD 2024, in Gothenburg, Sweden.

In the United States, LM-Activator products are available through Salish Medical & Dental Supply.