DentalEZ® Group reintroduces its StarDental®, Titan®, SW Plus, and Titan® K Plus Sonic Scalers.

Available in 2/3-line or four-line back end configurations, the portable air-powered sonic scalers remove hard calculus deposits and stains. They also remove bonding agents such as cement used in securing orthodontic appliances. Because the water spray is controlled, the instruments provide a fog-free view, and patients do not experience a “drowning effect.”

The Titan SW Plus (swivel) and Titan K Plus (fixed connection) scalers feature an ergonomic, scalloped handle. The 360° Quick Connect Swivel on the Titan SW Plus reduces tubing drag, lessens hand and elbow strain, and improves scaler manipulation.

Titan SW Plus and Titan K Plus scalers come with an assortment of Titan tips, including:

  • Universal Tip, which is used for all surfaces and medium and heavy calculus;
  • Sickle Tip, recommended for sensitive patients because it is less energetic than the Universal Tip and less suitable for deep-root scaling; and
  • Perio-Tips (left and right), recommended for lingual supragingival scaling of mandibular incisors and deep local pockets.

A SensiTip™ kit is also available, which includes 50 disposable tips that work well on implants and veneers, as well as on patients who experience gingival recession due to periodontal disease.

The Titan K Plus, Titan SW Plus, and Titan Tips are autoclavable or chemiclavable up to 135°C.  Both scalers are completely portable and connect to existing air-driven handpiece tubings, eliminating the need for extra control boxes or foot controls.

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