Meadowbrook Dental, Auburn Hills, Mich, offers the GrindGuardN, a new mouthguard for clenching and grinding.

The GrindGuardN comes with a plastic liner that can be softened and formed by the orthodontist without using a lab, according to inventor Joe Pelerin, DDS. The device features a Central Power Bar that concentrates forces on both the upper and lower midline at the same time, creating a double stimulus to release clenching and grinding actions.

GrindGuardN also offers posterior support in the bicuspid area to reduce trauma to anterior teeth. The device covers eight teeth.

GrindGuardN can be formed to the teeth in the orthodontic office and can be refitted multiple times. The device also has been approved as a prescription by the US Food and Drug Administration and is available online to be fitted at home by the patient.

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