Orthodent easyrx_screenshot_optEasyRx, Williamsville, NY, has released the latest generation of its EasyRx digital prescription management system for the orthodontic industry, featuring a cloud-based software system, to practices and laboratories. The system allows orthodontists and their laboratories to create, submit, and manage orthodontic prescriptions for appliances, all on the cloud. It provides the tools to create a graphical appliance prescription.

Appliance designs, comments, digital model files for immediate 3D printing, and appliance statuses of prescription submissions by the lab or the orthodontist can be seen instantly, providing more accurate updates on production and shipping times, and, according to the company, keeping the orthodontist and the lab connected at all times.

The features built into the digital prescription system allow orthodontists and labs to establish pricing for each part, simplify invoicing and shipping, track employee production, quickly looking up a prescription, and provide the doctor with more information about their case.

According to the company, EasyRx can be integrated into any laboratory, and can be used by any orthodontist whether sending cases to an EasyRx lab or any other lab. EasyRx for orthodontists can be used with EasyRx powered labs, non-EasyRx labs, and their own in-house labs.

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