Sorriso Ortho, Frisco, Tex, offers the SorrisoOrtho App. Designed for orthodontists and patients, the app provides communication support during a patient’s treatment. The SorrisoOrtho app allows orthodontists to create and send photos, videos, voicemails, or e-mail to a patient’s responsible parties; and to send messages to a group of the practice’s referral doctors. Orthodontists can also append custom logos and taglines to photos shared via e-mail or Facebook to improve practice exposure.

Patients can use the app to share time-lapse photos to show their “smile-in-progress” via Facebook or e-mail. The app also includes a countdown timer to remind the patient when braces will come off, as well as reminders for brushing, flossing, changing retainers, and appointments. Orthodontists can also provide patients with videos with specific instructions that they can access using the app.

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