DynaFlex-Dorsal-Accu-Fit-sleepDynaFlex, St Louis, has been awarded the patent for the DynaFlex Accu-Fit Dorsal®. The Accu-Fit design is used for the treatment of patients diagnosed with mild to moderate sleep apnea.

The DynaFlex Accu-Fit Dorsal features a unique thermal acrylic liner (Accu-Fit) that provides a custom fit. The sleep device can be delivered chairside by the orthodontist or other dental professional. The device requires no acrylic or wire adjustments at the time of delivery.

The Accu-Fit liner can be reformed in the event a patient requires future dental or orthodontic work that might otherwise render the original sleep device obsolete, eliminating the cost of a new device.

The DynaFlex Accu-Fit Dorsal joins the company’s other oral devices manufactured as part of its dental sleep department.