by Lori Sichtermann

Mastroianni Orthodontics makes a point of giving back to the community.

Jeffrey Mastroianni, DMD

Mastroianni’s specialties include TMD and treating special-needs kids.

For Jeffrey Mastroianni, DMD, orthodontics is about making a positive impact. He became intrigued by the profession at a young age, under the influence of his family. “I have three uncles who are dentists, and I grew up watching them,” Mastroianni recalls. “I picked up on the fact that they liked what they did for a living, they had a nice lifestyle, and they were happy.”

Mastroianni attended dental school at Southern Illinois University and finished his orthodontic training at St Louis University in 2000. In 2003, Mastroianni opened his first office in Glen Carbon, Ill, and 2 years later he opened his second practice in nearby Swansea, Ill.

It has been 10 years since Mastroianni began practicing orthodontics, and for him, every day is a chance to inspire his patients. “The coolest part of it for me is taking someone who isn’t proud of his or her smile and completely flipping that person around into someone who is always smiling,” he explains. When the patient sees the end result, it’s just an amazing moment. We’ve had patients cry when they see their teeth or do a cartwheel down the hallway. It’s a very rewarding profession, and I enjoy everything about it.”


Just as Mastroianni was influenced by mentors to consider the joys of the dental profession, he dedicates much of his time to being a role model for the next generation of potential orthodontists. As Mastroianni explains, he and his staff regularly travel to area middle schools and discuss the importance of dental hygiene with the students.

“They’re such a great audience because they’re at the age where they’re curious and interested,” Mastroianni says. “We teach them about regular dental topics—brushing, oral hygiene, flossing, and tooth decay—and we also sprinkle in information about avoiding tobacco products and eating healthily. And, of course, we discuss some orthodontic information as well.”

Mastroianni is an avid sharer of information about his profession. Prior to opening his second practice, he taught orthodontics at Southern Illinois University for 2 years. “It was another way to give back,” Mastroianni says. “After you go through all the schooling and all your professors help you, it’s a good way to help the students and help them understand how to deliver orthodontic care.”

According to Mastroianni, the decision to teach orthodontics at the college level is based on a desire to prepare students for life beyond dental school. “Orthodontics is probably the least covered subject in dental school,” he explains. “My goal in teaching was to take the dental students’ knowledge and bring it up a level so that when they go into private practice, they would have the additional skills to better help their patients.”


Practice Profile

Name: Mastroianni Orthodontics

Location: Glen Carbon, Ill; and
Swansea, Ill

Specialty: Orthodontics, TMD training

Patients per day: 70

Starts per year: 400

Years in private practice: 10

Days in private practice per week: 4


For 10 years, Mastroianni has found success as an orthodontist and an owner of two practices. That success is based on his areas of expertise. As Mastroianni explains, he is trained in TMD care for patients who suffer from jaw pain. “Patients who suffer from TMD want straight teeth, but they also have serious jaw issues,” he explains. “As an orthodontist, I can’t just jump in and not address the TMD. Therefore, I work to accommodate the jaw during treatment.”

The other area of expertise that is emphasized at Mastroianni Orthodontics is kindness. As Mastroianni explains, he and his staff are adamant about making patients feel comfortable and well taken care of. “We do a lot of work with special-needs children, and we make the kids feel very welcome,” he says. “In every single case, we’ve seen incredible improvement in these kids with regard to their comfort level every time they visit the office. I really credit my warm and caring staff. I have a great team.”

Mastroianni Orthodontics extends the kindness factor beyond office visits. As the doctor explains, the practice has become known as a supportive member of the community. For example, Mastroianni Orthodontics has donated more than $400,000 worth of free orthodontic services in an effort to raise funds for area schools. “Not only do we offer free orthodontic services, but we sponsor sports teams and help out with every kind of fund-raiser that kids come in and ask us to support,” Mastroianni says. “I really like to give back. I just can’t accept this job and all that it’s given me and not do something for our community.”

Lori Sichtermann is a contributing writer for Orthodontic Products.