Discus Dental LLC,Culver City, Calif, has appointed Michael Miyasaki, DDS (pictured), as its newvice president of professional relations and advanced education.

Miyasaki will oversee global clinical affairs for all the company’sregions and direct sales in Europe and Australia. Working with thecompany’s R&D, business development, and marketing departments, healso will play a role in product development and marketing strategies.

According to an announcement from the company, Miyasaki will develop newclinical education programs for customers as well as Discus salesstaff. In addition, he will serve as liaison between Discus and dentalassociations worldwide.

A graduate of the University of Southern California Dental School in1987, Miyasaki has practiced in Las Vegas for many years, focusing oncomprehensive dentistry and TMD treatment. He has taught for 20 years,including 12 years of live-patient treatment courses. Miyasaki willcontinue to practice in southern California.

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