Great Lakes Orthodontics,Tonawanda, NY, now offers a free DVD called "Anterior DeprogrammersMade Easy." The DVD explains how Great Lakes’ deprogrammers can be usedto treat TMD, headaches, occlusal and muscle imbalances, and bruxers andclenchers. The DVD also shows how orthodontists can use deprogrammersto determine proper joint position, protect against wear, and performdifferential diagnosis. 

Great Lakes’ Splint Specialist Renee Zurick guides viewers throughindications for use and how deprogrammers work. The DVD alsocovers deprogrammer designs, options and considerations, the selectionprocess, delivery and wear duration, treatment planning, and tips onadjusting and seating a deprogrammer. 

The running time is 19 minutes. To order a free copy, contact Great Lakes’ product customer service at (800) 828-7626, or visit

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