Benco Dental, Wilkes-Barre, Pa, introduces Sipdiscs drinking straw positioners, which hold a straw in the correct position to carry a liquid past the teeth to the back of the mouth. According to the company, drinking beverages this way helps to prevent tooth decay, erosion, and staining. The Sipdisc also covers open bottles or pull-tab cans and protects drinks from contamination and insects.

Two of the kits are designed for children. One kit features the Maisy character (for pre-school and kindergarten kids). The other, designed with soccer illustrations for older children, includes Sipdiscs, straws, and other creative elements that encourage twice daily brushing. The Maisy package includes a toothbrush holder that provides a sanitary caddy for a child’s toothbrush at home or when traveling. Also included are tooth brushing charts, "award" stickers to mark off each successful morning and evening of brushing, crayons, and a coloring sheet.

The kit also includes Sipdiscs for adults, which include illustrations and instructions on how to use them and their benefits in protecting teeth from corrosion and staining.

[Benco Dental, August 20, 2008]