FORESTADENT USA, St Louis, offers new bracket types within the 2D→ lingual bracket system. A total thickness of 1.3 to 1.65 mm,  rounded edges, and smooth surfaces make the brackets comfortable for the patient. The 2D lingual brackets are well suited for clinicians who would like to enter the field of lingual orthodontics. A low profile ensures that the archwire is held close to the tooth surface, allowing the system effective biomechanics, especially for the correction of tipping and rotated teeth. The 2D lingual brackets are offered in a wide variety of bracket types. The brackets may be bonded directly, eliminating laboratory costs.
The following designs of the third generation of 2D lingual brackets are now available:
• The 2D lingual bracket with T-hook for fixing elastic chains;
• the 2D plus lingual bracket with additional slot allowing torque to be applied to a single tooth; and
• the 2D plus lingual bracket with a gingival hook for applying intermaxillary elastics.
New BioLingual® archwires and lingual tubes designed for lingual treatment are also now available. The mushroom shaped archwires are available in six different shapes and each shape in four different sizes.