Ormco Corp, Orange, Calif, has released AdvanSync™ 2, the latest version of its AdvanSync Molar-to-Molar Class II correction appliance. AdvanSync 2 features 5-to-5 access during correction, allowing Class II patients to be treated simultaneously with brackets and wires. In permanent dentition cases, the appliance is designed to allow orthodontists to achieve skeletal and dental corrections at the same time.

For orthodontists who prefer double tubes for lower movement or use full crowns, Rollobands, or UlitMax bands, AdvanSync 2 provides customized appliances designed specifically for each individual patient. The appliance can also be used for select cases where molars are tipped or rotated, or in early permanent or late mixed dentition patients without lower second molars.

Additional AdvanSync 2 features include reinforced spiralock threading, metal injection molding (MIM) technology, upper and lower dual-screw housing, electropolished mechanisms, and larger eyelets.

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