With Craig Andreiko

Craig Andreiko, DDS, MS, is the research and development manager at Ormco Corp.

Orthodontic Products: How long have you been with the company?

CA: My cumulative experience with Ormco adds up to 30 years. I started in 1972, left in 1983 to pursue a dental degree and a MS in orthodontics, and returned in 1991.

OP: What is the Insignia Advanced Smile Design System?

CA: The simple answer is that Insignia, like LASIK, addresses patient variation. For instance, variations in skeletal archform, dental variation, appliance positioning, anteroposterior, and transverse situations are solved in the proposed solution. If one looks at just dental archwire adjustments, with 28 teeth and 6 degrees of freedom for each tooth, there are 168 possible bends in a given case. You can see that it’s not possible for a clinician to deal with this, but our software can and does for every case.

OP: How does it work?

CA: Basically, we begin by digitizing the mandibular alveolar bone and the dentition. Next, our proprietary software designs a solution that ensures the teeth are well-contained in the mandibular bone and are occluded as per the clinician’s preferences. We then design virtual appliances that fit the solution and upload the proposed overall solution (via password-protected Web interface) to the clinician for review. The clinician reviews the setup and either makes changes in real-time 3D or directly approves the solution. Upon approval, we custom fabricate brackets, tubes, wires, and positioning devices to support the achievement of the results viewed in the setup.

OP: How is the system unique?

CA: Insignia is the only truly patient-specific system that I’m aware of. It most accurately uses the patient’s individual anatomy in combination with the clinician’s artistic skill to create an end result with finite precision. In addition, Insignia is the only true all-inclusive system. No software licensing fees or separate bracket and wire purchases are required. Everything is included and custom manufactured.

OP: Does Ormco provide training and education to orthodontists on using Insignia?

CA: Yes. Interested clinicians can register for courses given in their local area. They can learn about availability of courses at Ormco.com. Additionally, they can contact their local Ormco sales representative to discuss alternatives utilizing our Digital Solutions Specialists.

OP: Considering the current economy, is Ormco offering any discount or incentive plans to customers?

CA: Insignia is priced very competitively, particularly versus other “digital” products. Efficiencies introduced to a practice through reduced treatment times, visits, and doctor time make Insignia a great choice, particularly in a difficult economy.

OP: What do you think is the next “big thing” in orthodontic technology?

CA: Computer-driven treatment. Orthodontists will be able to view cases and determine treatment protocols with a level of detail not seen before.