GC America, Alsip, Ill, offers MI Paste Plus™ with RECALDENT™. The toothpaste contains casein phosphopeptide-amorphous calcium phosphate and fluoride (CPP-ACPF). It is intended for use by orthodontic patients to prevent decalcification.

Researchers at the University of Texas Dental Branch at the Houston Department of Orthodontics recently compared the use of MI Paste Plus versus a fluoride-containing dentifrice in orthodontic patients. For the study, orthodontic patients were randomly assigned to the test or control group, and asked to use their assigned product every night for 3-5 minutes in a tray after brushing. Decalcification was assessed, recorded, and compared at baseline for both groups, and at the end of consecutive 4-week periods for 3 months.

The researchers found that orthodontic patients using MI Paste Plus experienced a 53.5% reduction in decalcification, with the greatest decrease on the distal surfaces. In comparison, patients in the control group using a fluoride-containing dentifrice experienced a 91.1% increase in decalcification, with the greatest increase on the distal and gingival surfaces. The findings were presented at the 2010 International Association for Dental Research meeting in Barcelona, Spain.

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