DynaFlex has launched a new product, the Infinity Archwire, designed to maintain its aesthetic appearance throughout treatment.

DynaFlex announced the release of a new product, the DynaFlex Infinity Aesthetic Archwire. 

Developed to address the long-standing challenges associated with standard coating processes, the Infinity Archwire represents an improvement in aesthetic orthodontic treatment.

Traditionally, aesthetic archwires have presented various issues, dampening the patient experience. Problems such as chipping after a few weeks of use, compromised wire size due to the additional coating layer, and increased friction during treatment have limited the availability of a comprehensive aesthetic option for patients in clear braces. Recognizing the pressing need for a solution, DynaFlex has dedicated its expertise to the development of the Infinity Archwire. 

By leveraging a unique etching process, this revolutionary archwire overcomes the limitations of standard coating approaches. The innovative etching process guarantees that the archwire maintains its beautiful appearance from start to finish, delivering a vastly improved and lasting aesthetic result without compromising performance.

“The Infinity Archwire marks a major milestone in orthodontic treatment,” said Darren Buddemeyer, chief executive officer of DynaFlex. “We are incredibly proud to introduce this breakthrough innovation that not only fulfills the demands of patients but also sets new standards of excellence within the industry. The Infinity Archwire offers an unparalleled combination of aesthetics, durability, and performance.”

It boasts a natural color that seamlessly blends with all enamel shades, ensuring a discreet and visually appealing treatment experience. Moreover, it is available in the Extra Broad arch form, specially designed to assist in the creation of beautiful, broad aesthetic smiles, meeting the increasing demands of patients worldwide.