Metal Mouth Media, Mesa, Ariz, which offers comfort, care, and cooking resources for people with braces, now offers the Braces-Friendly Seal of Approval to put the spotlight on snacks, Web sites, and health products that could help orthodontic patients.

Pamela Waterman, president of Metal Mouth Media and a veteran of both teen and adult braces, first wrote the award-winning Braces Cookbook series that featured easy meals for tender teeth. Now her company has created Seal of Approval to help those in the process of orthodontics.

To be awarded the seal, products must meet a checklist of braces-friendly factors such as taste, performance, ease of use, or informative content. The Braces-Friendly Advisory Board, made up of braces-wearers from 9 to 50 years old, has approved the first three Seal recipients:

* The Braces Survival Kit from comes in a zippered case and includes a spiral proxa-brush, a folding mirror, travel toothbrush and paste, and a collapsible cup.

Anderson Trail Premium Moist Granola is a tender cherry-cranberry alternative to crunchy, dry granola, developed by founder and CEO Justin Avery Anderson (at the time, 15 years old and in braces).

* Plackers Orthopick Flossers feature a narrow flosser arm that can fit between teeth and archwires, and include a built-in, flexible pick.

Metal Mouth Media encourages ompanies with relevant products to submit sample items for Seal consideration.