The rezSharp scalers and curettes from TBS Dental are designed to retain sharpness longer and improve control.

TBS Dental announced the launch of its rezSharp line of Scalers and Curettes. The rezSHARP instruments are designed to provide a sharper, longer-lasting edge while prioritizing user comfort and patient experience.

At the heart of the rezSharp design is TBS Dental’s proprietary cryogenically-treated aerospace-grade stainless steel. The material ensures better durability and superior sharpness retention, according to TBS Dental. 

rezSharp reduces the frequency of sharpening for dental professionals, maintaining quality throughout extended use.

The instruments stand out for their sharpness due to an advanced grinding and honing process. The company designed its scalers and curettes with heightened tactile sensitivity, making it easier to detect and remove even the most tenacious calculus.

TBS Dental’s instruments also prioritize comfort and control with the company’s Twist handle. This unique design offers effortless grip and maneuverability, allowing dental professionals to navigate around teeth with ease during scaling procedures.

With the Twist handle, dental professionals have better control, enhanced by its vertical, horizontal, and oblique leverage. The knurling pattern on the handle ensures a secure grip without discomfort or pain, making it ideal for long procedures that prioritize the comfort of both patients and clinicians.