Axis Sybron Dental Specialties introduces the Axis Orthodontic Adhesive Removal Kit (LS-PYP-BOWMAN), featuring a series of three devices designed to remove residual adhesive after orthodontic appliance removal and to provide a smooth final enamel surface. 

The three-step system includes the following: 7675 Red Carbide, a gross adhesive removal bur (H375R-016); White Finishing Carbide, a 30-fluted finishing bur (H246L-012UF); and the P0153-031 Polisher green polishing point (#P0153-031). All are contained in an autoclavable, aluminum bur block. 

The kit can be used with either low- or high-speed friction-grip contra-angle handpieces. According to the company, using high speed creates less vibration so the process is more comfortable for patients and produces a smoother surface finish. The system can be used with only a single handpiece and can be used for polishing after bonded, banded, and Invisalign® treatments.

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