LASERS4DENTISTRY XRunnerLasers4Dentistry, San Clemente, Calif, will launch its X-Runner™ digital laser scanning handpiece at the American Dental Association Annual Session, being held October 31 to November 2, 2013, in New Orleans. The X-Runner was designed specifically for the LightWalker AT Dual Wavelength dental laser. According to the company, the X-Runner is the first ablative all-tissue laser scanning handpiece in the dental industry.

The X-Runner has automated all tissue ablation capabilities and is designed to let the user instantly adjust spot size and shape of the cutting area. The shape and size of an ablation area can also be selected in advance to optimize the cutting process, enabling users to work more precisely and more quickly while providing improved patient comfort. The X-Runner™ is designed for a wide range of treatments, from standard cavity and veneer preps to high-precision surgical and implantology procedures.

All parameters  and settings that are available with the Lightwalker AT’s standard laser handpieces (energy, frequency, mode, spray) can also be used with X-Runner. Users can instantly switch between the new automated modality and the classic handpiece modality without the need to swap handpieces. X-Runner offers a variety of treatment shapes (such as circular, rectangular/linear, and hexagonal) that can be set according to a number of parameters, such as the size of the ablation area (width and length, or diameter in the case of the circle and hexagon) as well as the number of laser passes needed to produce the desired ablation depth. X-Runner can also produce a “precise” linear cut, for instance, to cut the root apex or to perform an incision in soft-tissue surgery, according to the company.

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