HenryScheinDental-ProRepairHenry Schein Dental, Melville, NY, has launched its new ProRepair web portal. The portal provides customers with an automated system to manage all aspects of handpiece repair.

The ProRepair web portal can be used to diagnose handpiece problems and provide information on repair options, including preapproved pricing for each repair. The portal, which retains customer history and warranty status, can also be used to maintain a practice’s handpiece inventory.

The company contends that the new features will expedite the repair process.

To submit a repair request, users first log into their account. Dental professionals will find an organized list of their practice’s handpieces once logged into their account. After the selection of a handpiece in need of repair, the portal will diagnose the problem and provide pricing immediately. Dental professionals are then able to submit their order and print a UPS label.

The ProRepair web portal is compatible with all mobile devices.