DentalEZ Group, Malvern, Pa, has expanded its StarDental line of high-speed handpiece components with the introduction of the new StarBright LED Handpiece Swivel and new StarBright LED Replacement Bulbs. These two new components provide orthodontists the option to switch all existing StarDental handpieces to a white LED light source. 

The StarBright LED Handpiece Swivel (pictured) provides a white, neutral daylight-color illumination and has a temperature of 4000K. The anodized aluminum housing is autoclavable and is 1/3 smaller and 70% lighter than traditional stainless steel six-pin swivels, according to the company. The LED Swivel is compatible with any 6-pin ISO Type C tubing. 

The LED replacement bulb for the StarDental HiFlo Swivel replaces existing halogen light sources with LED illumination, and there is no need to purchase new swivels. Much like the StarBright LED Handpiece Swivel, the replacement LED provides white light and lasts 10 times longer than halogen bulbs, according to the company. 

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