Planmeca USA, Roselle, Ill, introduces the PM 272 dental chair and PM 270 ambidextrous left/right dental unit. The chair was designed with an adjustable armrest that can be retracted down to the seat upholstery to accommodate a range of patients, including those with disabilities.

The dental unit allows orthodontists to control chair position, turn the water on and off, and activate several instruments from a single dual-function foot control. All chair movement locks in place while instruments are actively in use.

The PM 270 is fully assembled and features an integrated doctor’s control TFT video monitor to view digital images and active video from a computer. The PM 270 also features a 270-degree design to allow right-handed and left-handed instrument positions for both orthodontist and assistant. The chair upholstery is constructed of heat-sensitive foam that molds to the patient’s body.

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