Ortho Organizers Inc, Carlsbad, Calif, has released its new premium O2 Select Orthodontic Instruments. Ortho Organizers President and CEO George W. Guttroff said, "Ortho Organizers fulfills a critical market demand with the release of O2 Select Orthodontic Instruments. The product line was carefully selected to provide a full range of first-rate instruments for the discerning professional."

The instruments are made from surgical-grade German steel forgings with tungsten carbide inserts. According to the company, rust- and corrosion-free tungsten carbide offers superior edge strength for cutting and wire-forming efficiency, combined with a long life. The entire line of O2 Select Orthodontic Instruments is manufactured in the United States.

The new line includes cutting instruments, wire-forming and utility pliers, and debonding and band-removal tools. All instruments feature a premium box joint hinge and are ergonomically designed for maximum comfort and safety.

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