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DEXIS Platinum X-Ray Sensor

DEXIS LLC, Des Plaines, Ill, introduces the DEXIS Platinum Sensor for intraoral x-rays. DEXIS Platinum combines direct USB connectivity, TrueComfort™ design, and PureImage™ technology. DEXIS offers connectivity with a direct USB digital x-ray sensor for use in multiple operatories and fieldwork. As part of TrueComfort design, the DEXIS Platinum Sensors feature beveled corners and a rounded casing. The angled dome on the back of the sensor incorporates the patented WiseAngle™ cable exit. DEXIS developed its PureImage technology, a combination of software and hardware components, with 16,000 shades of gray generated by a 14-bit analog-to-digital converter. The sensor provides more than 20 visible line pairs. The DEXIS Platinum Sensor has an enhanced quantum efficiency, which, according to the company, makes it more receptive and efficient when capturing x-ray images across a dynamic range of radiation settings.

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Vision USA I-WEAR Prismatic Glasses

Vision USA, Cherry Hill, NJ, offers I-WEAR magnifying glasses. Designed to be worn for long periods of time, I-WEAR glasses were developed by an ophthalmologist. They feature ophthalmic ground lenses with a built-in prism to reduce eye fatigue and allow for a natural focal point. They are worn like regular glasses and are available in an alloy frame (in ebony, coffee, and platinum colors) and standard amber half frames. Magnifications include 2.0x, 2.5x, and 3.0x.

Vision USA
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Practicon SmileGoods Toothbrushes with Extra-Soft Bristles

Practicon Inc, Greenville, NC, offers four new SmileGoods toothbrushes with extra-soft bristles. Available in two adult and two youth-size styles, the new brushes feature 0.006-inch Dupont Tynex® bristles that are designed for patients with sensitive gums, soft enamel, or toothbrush abrasion. The brushes are blister-packaged 72 per box in assorted colors. SmileGoods toothbrushes are manufactured under ISO 9002 guidelines.

Practicon Inc
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KOMET USA Oscillating Segment Discs

KOMET USA, Rock Hill, SC, introduces a new disc/handpiece system designed for use in interproximal enamel reducing and finishing. The Oscillating Segment (OS) Discs are 60º segmented with a radius of 1.4 cm and a pivoting angle of 30º. According to the company, the OS Discs are more effective than manual enamel reduction with virtually no risk of injuring the soft tissue. The discs are designed to allow to see clearly and not use a disc guard. OS Discs are designed for use in the oscillating KOMET electric handpiece OS30. When using the micromotor at full capacity, the handpiece has an effective performance of 5,000 oscillations per minute. It is also possible to use the OS30 in an air motor; and at the motor’s maximum capacity, the handpiece can have an effective performance of 2,500 oscillations per minute. The company recommends that users eliminate the interdental contact with a honeycomb-designed diamond strip before using OS discs. KOMET USA has developed 15 different OS Discs to be used with the OS30 handpiece: nine with fine-grit diamonds and six with medium-grit diamonds. Out of the 15 OS Discs, eight are one-sided and seven are two-sided, and come in various thicknesses (0.13 mm to 0.45 mm).

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Midmark’s Second-Generation Track Light Monitor

Midmark Corp, Versailles, Ohio, introduces the second-generation dental Track Light Monitor. The new monitor combines the features of the original Track Light Monitor with a dental-grade HD TV. Much the same as the original Track Light Monitor, the second-generation product provides flexible positioning that is achieved through a two-trolley design, allowing independent movement of the light and monitor. The counterbalanced flex arm permits height and side-to-side adjustability. A balanced monitor mount allows for tilt and swivel. The new 17-inch dental-grade HD TV features a digital TV tuner with closed captioning and HDMI connectivity. Engineered for the dental operatory, the monitor offers up to 16.7 million colors and 1280 x 1024 SXGA resolution while the sealed display, control buttons, and speakers can withstand the use of disinfectants. The Midmark operating light features shadow reduction, an automatic motion-controlled on/off function, and up-front touch pad controls with three intensity settings and an independent composite safe setting. An integrated PC board monitors and adjusts the voltage to ensure color-corrected brightness. Three axes of rotation allow for positioning, and the light pattern has a feathered edge to minimize eyestrain.

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Imaging Sciences Tru-Pan for i-CAT

Imaging Sciences International, Hatfield, Pa, introduces Tru-Pan™ software, which creates panoramic views from 3D scans. According to the company, Tru-Pan was developed to meet the needs of dental professionals who require quick and easy pan creation from existing 3D scans. Tru-Pan’s reconstruction of unique anatomic landmarks automatically creates a custom, optimized focal trough specific to each patient. This focal trough detection reveals views of root tips and crowns, including the incisor regions and sinuses—all within one panoramic image. Tru-Pan’s panoramic images are created with just one click of a mouse. Available as an optional feature in the i-CATVision™ software, the one-click function triggers automatic reconstruction, so it requires no additional training for clinicians or team members.

Imaging Sciences International
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Sirona, Long Island City, NY, introduces the HELIODENTPLUS Intraoral x-ray source. The HELIODENTPLUS is an intraoral x-ray generator for film-based and digital imaging. Users can switch from the film-based to the digital mode with the touch of a button. The arm assembly of the HELIODENTPLUS is designed to fit any operatory. Various arm lengths provide positioning for taking any intraoral image. The various controller options also allow for flexible installation requirements. The vertical mount can be incorporated in pass-through and central cabinet installations. Users can adjust exposure time and exposure settings, including the option to customize the preprogrammed exposure times. Two power settings are available: 60 kV for high-contrast images; and 70 kV for highly detailed images and a minimum radiation dose. The HELIODENTPLUS features a built-in power regulator, and SIDEXIS XG software displays images in real time.

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Dentaurum USA Orthocryl Powder in Black and White

Dentaurum USA, Newtown, Pa, offers the new Orthocryl® powder shaded in black and white. The Orthocryl resin system is a cold polymerizate consisting of two components. The two components are the powder (polymer) and the liquid (monomer). Individual orthodontic appliances can be produced by selective processing of the two components and the use of the different shades. The resin is also suitable for producing bite guard splints. Orthocryl autopolymerizates are not toxic, cause no irritation of the mucosa, and possess no mutagenic potential, according to the company.

Dentaurum USA
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Henry Schein Master Torque II E-Type Handpiece System

Henry Schein Dental, Melville, NY, introduces the low-speed Master Torque II E-Type handpiece system. The system offers speed and direction control at 5,500 or 22,000 RPMs. According to the company, the handpiece is quiet and vibration-free, with a durable textured surface for comfortable grip. The complete autoclavable system includes air motor, straight attachment, a contra angle sheath, and a push-button latch head. Motors, attachments, and heads can also be purchased separately.

Henry Schein Dental
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KaVo Dental’s COMFORTdrive Handpiece

KaVo Dental North America, Lake Zurich, Ill, introduces the COMFORTdrive® 200 XDR high-speed handpiece featuring patented micro-motor technology. COMFORTdrive features a no-bur-stall feature. SAFEdrive technology features an integrated sterilizable motor that delivers 30 watts of constant power for consistent performance. According to KaVo, COMFORTdrive’s patented design weighs approximately 40% less and is 15% shorter than market-leading electric options. The integrated motor reduces the distal area length after the pivot point in the doctor’s hand. The COMFORTdrive operates at only 55 dB. The COMFORTdrive system features “Plug-n-Prep” auto-calibration technology for setup. Once calibrated, the COMFORTdrive system allows for between 30,000 and 200,000 rpm with the foot pedal.

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